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Without limits in terms of designs whether portraits, geometric, pointillism, traditional Japanese, neotraditional, new school, biomechanics, watercolors, realism in color or in black and gray.

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Walking down Empedrado Street, a few meters from the emblematic Bodeguita del Medio in the heart of Old Havana in Cuba, you just have to take a look and see the multicolored entrance in the form of stairs that will take you to another dimension.

With more than four years of founded our professional studio Luna Tattoo has sanitary hygienic products of the best quality. We are determined to look for and create that design you want, even without knowing what it is.

Tattooing is a meditation and the skin is our temple, through which we reflect every aspect of your being. In every tattoo that we make, regardless of the design or size, we put all our effort and knowledge with the objective that the client feels identified with him.

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Services We Offer

Tattoo is a permanent, custom and handmade piece of art.

Unique Designs

We have an extensive catalog of designs, but, if you do not find what you want, we design one according to the characteristics you want it to have.


Those marks in your body or that old tattoos that you think will disfigure your body are not a problem for us. Our experience allows us to carry out a work on these marks or tattoos that will later feel proud to wear and show.


If your tattoo has lost its colors and is no longer the same as when it was made, we have inks of the best quality which, when retouched, will look like never before.

The Team

Equipo LunaTattoo

Our artists have a vast knowledge and study in the plastic arts, recognitions and awards in various events and tattoo exhibitions. Our artists are always available for walk-ins and consultation. We take the time to create original pieces that are perfectly suited for every collector: everything from keepsake tattoos, to full backs and/or sleeves. Our studio works at extremely high sanitation standards: we use fully-disposable, single-use setups, as well as high-quality, vegan-friendly, organic materials and aftercare.

Yunior Lorente Luna

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Yunior Lorente Luna

Designer, tattoo artist, plastic artist, creator and founder of the studio. His surname Luna served as inspiration for the creation of the name and logo of the LunaTattoo studio. One of the creators and founders of the La Tinta Cubana movement, organizer and creator of multiple tattoo events nationwide with international reach. It has national and international recognitions.

Bailey Ramirez Madrigal

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Bailey Ramirez Madrigal

Designer, tattoo artist and public relations. Founder of the LunaTattoo studio. One of the creators and founders of the La Tinta Cubana movement. It has national recognition and international recognition.

Yasmani José Morales Yester

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Yasmani José Morales Yester

Designer, tattoo artist, co-founder of the LunaTattoo studio. Member of the La Tinta Cubana movement. It has national recognition and international recognition.


Frequently Questions

It is difficult to generalize the price of a tattoo, since the cost of a job varies depending on factors such as the size, design and prestige of the tattooist, etc. Generally, large tattoos are charged per session or per hour. So that you are not surprised, the artist sets the price before starting. Be careful with those who tattoo free or very cheap, because they may not use the right equipment or be apprentices.

Definitely yes, since the needles penetrate the skin superficially causing a wound. Although the pain is not as intense as most imagine, it also depends on the area that is being worked on. There are certain areas in the body that are more sensitive, for example, there are those who say that near the bones is more painful than the rest. On the other hand, it also depends on the needles. Those used to profile the design produce a more noticeable pain than those used to fill. But obviously, each person is different and a lot depends on their attitude when doing the work. The best thing is to relax.

No, because it could cause excessive bleeding and the penetration of the pigments could be affected. The most advisable thing is to arrive rested, to have ingested some type of food and not to take drugs or alcohol before the tattoo.

HIV is a very delicate virus and does not survive for long outside the human body. Generally this virus is transmitted when an amount of infected blood is immediately introduced to another body, which never happens in a professional study. According to the studies of the Center of Control of Illnesses of Atlanta, the United States has never known of a case of transmission of HIV for tattoos.

  • Avoid the sun in the tattooed area for at least two weeks. Subsequently a sunscreen should be considered and thus prevent the colors from vanishing.
  • Do not swim in beaches, rivers or pools during the first fifteen days.
  • Avoid scratching, plucking the posts, touching etc. and keep it lubricated.
  • Wash the tattoo with soap and water frequently.
  • In the first week under any circumstances have sex or exercise as this would cause a faster blood flow and in turn prevents enough blood to reach the tattooed area. This can cause the healing process to be interrupted and the pigments to become detached or discolored in some areas of the tattoo.
The previous cares are practically fundamental, but each tattooist has his own recommendations. Listen to them well and demand them in writing. The healthier your lifestyle, the faster the healing will be.
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La Habana, Cuba


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